Welcome to the BlueHive Linear Navigation Event Space!

Use this map to navigate your way through our virtual event space and experience a taste of what your virtual event can entail.


You can certainly allow anyone with an internet connection to access your virtual event. But, if you’re looking to prove ROI (and let’s be honest, who isn’t?), we recommend setting up event registration so that only those people who registered can access your event. Doing so provides the most precise analytic information about who’s attending your event and what they’re doing while in your virtual space, both during and after the event. At a minimum, we suggest that any downloadable content you share should require some sort of registration to receive.

Your Itinerary

Perhaps what makes a live event most exciting is the schedule. Really. Because when your event runs off a specific time structure, you’re playing right into humanity’s innate desire to stay continually connected to what others are doing. Sometimes described as “FOMO” (or, fear of missing out), this need to experience all that is offered at an event doesn’t change in the virtual space.

Keynote Sessions

Even though he couldn’t possibly know what the future held, Shakespeare sure had it right when he coined the phrase, “All the world’s a stage.” Because when it comes to hosting a virtual event with a keynote speaker, in effect, the world is your stage—you want to be able to communicate to as many people as possible (so long as they’ve registered for your event, of course!).

Video Demos

Embedded videos are a great way to share information that isn’t being presented through a webinar or other livestream video tool. Many people profess themselves to be ‘visual learners,’ so why not play to the strengths of this medium by visually communicating information that is complex or can be better understood with the aid of supporting graphics and animation?

Product Demos / Webinars

Webinars are a key component for virtual events because they are a multiuse tool. You can use them for a 45-minute product demonstration or keynote presentation, or you can use them for 5-minute mini product presentations and for shorter breakout sessions.

Take a “Stroll” around the hive.

Half of the fun and intrigue of physical events comes from the interactive activities and experiences that attendees have the chance to participate in.


Documents, videos, and audio, Oh My!

Downloadable content is typical for most websites, from tutorial videos and podcast content, to product sell-sheets, and informational brochures. Why not leverage the familiar downloadable content portal for your virtual event?

Swag & Style

Everyone loves free stuff. After all, what better way to make sure your attendees remember you than by giving them some cool, branded swag that they can show off to their friends and colleagues? If you think this can’t be recreated in the virtual space…think again!

Communication Tools

Plenty of great conversations start on the exhibit hall floor, but there’s always some that require a more private one-on-one approach to complete the conversation and seal the deal. Whether that means setting up a semi-private lounge space, or building out a 100% private meeting space, there are ways to funnel those conversations in the physical space. The same can be said of virtual events; while the means are different, the ends are the same.

Bee inspired—go virtual!